Hans Haas, Bocuse de Bronze 1987 (en)

Hans Haas, Bocuse de Bronze 1987Born on April 2nd1957
2* Michelin
Hans Haas’s career began in traditional manner as assistant-cook at the Kellerwirt restaurant in his native town of Wildschönau in the Tyrol. After a passage in well-known cuisines such as the Auberge de l’Ill at Illhausern, Eckart Witzigmann asked him to manage those of the Aubergine in Münich. However, under his chef’s hat slept a creative artist, sportsman and lover of nature and the open air. In 1991, with the creation of the Tantris restaurant, he decided to apply the basic principles of Tantric philosophy (stemming from Indian Buddhism) to cuisine with the aim of: “finding balance between the body and mind; not asceticism but pleasure without remorse”. He develops a light and natural cuisine in a pleasant ambiance where contemporary art also has a place, as many exhibitions are held in the restaurant. He also devotes one day a week to cookery courses open to all.


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