Lars Erik Underthun, Bocuse d’argent 1991 (en)

Lars Erik Underthun, Bocuse d’Argent 1991Born on February 10th 1957
1* Michelin
He was the first Norwegian to climb onto the podium of the Bocuse d’Or, opening the way to a host of compatriots with obvious talents for culinary competitions. He shared his success with the Norwegian culinary team to which he belonged for two years. One must go to the Spisestedet Feinschmecker restaurant near Oslo to appreciate his Norwegian cuisine, much influenced by French tradition. He says that you can tell a good chef from a bad one by the sauces they cook, so it comes as no surprise that he pays great attention to such savory details. Another of his stock arguments is the need to respect the seasons; he improvises his menu day by day and nothing pleases him more than a grilled salmon in the country in summer and the sweetness of strawberries picked fresh from the field.


source : 34 chefs, 34 recettes