Michel Roth, Bocuse d’or 1991 (en)

Michel Roth, Bocuse d’Or 1991Born on November 7th 1959
2* Michelin
Michel Roth is now a symbol of the best French culinary tradition, embodying the obstination and perfectionism of a chef who chose his trade to “make others happy”. Born in Moselle in the east of France, he started his apprenticeship at Auberge de la Charrue d’Or, Sarreguemines, before continuing to perform himself in the best alsatian and then parisian kitchens : Crocodile, Auberge de L’ill, Ledoyen… He then joined the Ritz in 1981, under the management of Guy Legay, and stayed 19 years, going through the ranks to the top. After a spell at Lassere, the Ritz asked him to take over the management of its kitchens in 2001, an offer he couldn’t refuse. Michel Roth travelled the world in the company of other prestigious chefs. He represents a refined, creative, tasty and colorful French cuisine. Lastly, one cannot but be impressed by his long list of competitions won over the years: Prix Taittinger, Prix Escoffier etc., and above all the award of Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 1991. In 2006 Michel Roth was named «Chevalier de l’Ordre de la Légion d’Honneur». 2009 (the year of his 50th birthday) has been a marvelous year for him : in January, he is elected as Chairman of the Bocuse d’Or Winners’Academy and in March, he was got a 2nd Michelin star. Since September 1st, 2012 Michel Roth is the Hotel President Wilson’s kitchens Culinary Advisor and Executive Chef in Geneva, Switzerland.